Stupice Tomato Start


Join us in trying this cultivar for the first time!  This super early tomato from Czechoslovakia has mid-sized (around 2″), round, sweet crimson fruits.  It can begin producing at as early as 55 days from planting out and continues producing enthusiastically throughout the season.  We decided to try this tomato because it keeps popping up as a taste-test winner in trials, produces prolifically all season long, and is said to grow well regardless of the weather.  We expect that this will become our go-to salad tomato.  Plus, we are excited at the thought of not having to wait until September for tomatoes!

Tomatoes plants MUST be protected from frost.  In Ellensburg, I wait until June 1 to plant out any tomato plants (after hardening them off), and have frost blankets ready if it looks like nighttime temperatures will dip. Stupice can start producing 55 days after being planted out and continues to produce all season.

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