Green Giant Tomato Start


This is one of the first heirloom style tomatoes we trialed in our garden.  We weren’t expecting much, because how tasty could a green tomato be?  I was honestly expecting something hard and sour.  But Green Giant got good reviews, and I am so glad I tried it.  As its name suggests, Green Giant produces large green tomatoes.  Juicy, not mushy, intense tomato flavor, and intriguing color all come to mind when I think of Green Giant.  In years that we have sold produce, several customers ask for Green Giants by name when purchasing heirloom tomatoes from us because the enjoy the flavor so much.  The blossom end of the tomato blushes a rosy gold when ripe.

Tomatoes plants MUST be protected from frost.  In Ellensburg, I wait until June 1 to plant out any tomato plants (after hardening them off), and have frost blankets ready if it looks like nighttime temperatures will dip. Green Giant can start producing 90 days after being planted out.

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