Celery Root Start


If you have a little extra room in your garden, celery root, also called celeriac is fun to grow.  Each plant produces an edible, knobby and gnarled looking bulb that once peeled tastes deliciously nutty.  You can mash it with or instead of potatoes, or cut it into 1″ pieces and roast it, or use it raw in tangy French Remoulade salad.  You can use the stalks and leaves instead of celery to flavor soups and stocks, but I find the greenery to be a bit tough and stringy for fresh eating.  The bulb is the real star of the show for celeriac.

Celery root takes a little patience to grow– 95 days.  But as long as it is kept well and evenly watered in fertile soil, it is a relatively undemanding vegetable to grow.  It is also quite cold tolerant.  I have kept celery root in my hoop house through December, but we ate them all before I could learn exactly how long they would overwinter.

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