Coming soon: Pre-ordering chickens and turkeys


Heritage Broiler Chickens ($10 deposit per chicken)

We will be taking pre-orders for Red Ranger and Rolin S broilers in the later winter/early spring of 2018. Both of these breeds are known for their excellent free-ranging ability. They have a rich chicken flavor and more red meat than the Cornish Cross chickens most of us are familiar with from the grocery store. We expect these broilers to be ready in July.

Cornish Cross Broiler Chickens ($10 deposit per chicken)

We will be starting Cornish Cross broiler chickens in the late summer of 2018. They will be ready in the early fall. Cornish Cross chickens are big and meaty, and have a greater proportion of white to red meat. They are the kind of chickens sold at the grocery store. Our experiments with these chickens last year taught us that this breed of chicken does not do well in the summer heat, which is why we plan to delay growing these chickens until later in the season.


Midget White Turkeys ($25 deposit per turkey)

Stay tuned for news on our breeding project that will begin at the end of January! We added Heritage Midget White Turkeys to our farm this summer and have two breeding males and three breeding females. Midget White Turkeys are outstanding foragers and have won taste tests across multiple breeds of turkeys. We had one of our non-breeding Midget Whites for Christmas dinner and were greatly impressed with the rich taste and dense texture of the bird.

Midget White Turkeys are “slow food” at its best. It takes about 7 months to grow one to table size (compared with 2–3 months for broiler chickens). And this breed produces a smaller sized turkey than many other breeds: 8–14 lbs on average. Smaller turkeys can be less intimidating to home cooks than 20–30 lb. birds!

Check out this article from Mother Earth News about this amazing turkey breed.