Happy New Year Colockum Hillside Farm Customers

Happy New Year from Colockum Hillside Farm!

We have a few exciting new changes in store this year: A new website, a new centralized delivery location, and more options of ways to pay.

First, we are ringing in the new year by launching our brand-new website! Check it out at colockumhillsidefarm.com. Many thanks to our friend and customer Joe Johnson for designing the site and patiently teaching me (a person who uses new technology with some anxiety) how to use it. I will be using the site to provide periodic news updates from the farm, and eventually you will be able to schedule egg deliveries, order plant starts, and reserve meat chickens and turkeys through this site. If you have friends who might be interested in the goings on at Colockum Hillside Farm, please share our web address with them and encourage them to subscribe to it so they can receive our news updates as they are posted.

Next, starting on January 4, we will be delivering pre-ordered, pre-paid eggs to the red cooler in Jerrol’s lobby by 10:30 AM on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Jerrol’s is open until 8 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you can pick your eggs up at your convenience on the day of your delivery. We continue to appreciate your returning your egg cartons as it helps us to keep our costs down. Please put your gently used 12-egg cartons in the lidded bin near the cooler. Your friends’ cartons are welcome, too! We can use all the cartons we can get.

We are so grateful to Rolf at Jerrol’s for allowing us to use the front lobby of his store as a central location for our egg delivery and pick up. We are experiencing the good “problem” that our business is growing to the point that delivering eggs individually to homes and workplaces is becoming unsustainable. Rolf supports local family farms and is allowing us to use his space free of charge. But I encourage you to shop at Jerrol’s from time to time to return his favor (and also because they sell super cool stuff there). Please note that egg sales are independent of Jerrol’s, so if you have any questions or concerns about your egg order, please address them directly to me at 509-899-0722 (phone or text) or suzanne@colockumhillsidefarm.com.

Finally, because we are switching to a centralized delivery location, it no longer seems wise to have customers pay for eggs by putting cash or checks into returned egg cartons. From now on, we are asking customers to prepay when they schedule egg deliveries for the upcoming month by using one of the three following options:

  1. Mail a handwritten check made out to Suzanne Johnson at
    Colockum Hillside Farm
    6411 Colockum Rd.
    Ellensburg, WA 98926
  2. Use your bank’s bill payer service to mail a check to Suzanne Johnson at the same address as #1.
  3. Use your bank’s QuickPay service to automatically transfer money to my bank account. Note that some banks use a different name for the service, but look for the service powered by Zelle on your bank’s website. This service is new to me—it works kind of like a debit card version of PayPal. You have to set it up following the directions on this website: www.zellepay.com. The directions are easy—remember I am pretty timid about using new technology, and even I could do it. When you are transferring payments to me, you’ll use the following e-mail address: suzanne@colockumhillsidefarm.com. Please do not use my gmail address for money transfers as the money may not go to the correct account.

Thank you for your continued support of our farm. Creating carefully and sustainably grown food for you and your family is work that fills me with joy!
Wishing you health and happiness in 2018,