Hi!  I’m Suzanne.  Welcome to Colockum Hillside Farm!

Mother Theresa once said, “We can do no great things—only small things with great love.” Colockum Hillside Farm is a small farm built on daily acts of love. Little things like getting up before dawn to thaw out frozen chicken watering buckets, nursing injured chickens back to health in a box on our closet floor, feeding the compost pile daily so that it in turn can feed our garden soil, hand weeding garden beds so that vegetable plants can thrive, moving poultry housing frequently to give chickens access to fresh and clean forage, and avoid damaging the land by overgrazing. All of these are small, routine acts that build our farm.

Colockum Hillside Farm began as an attempt to produce as much of our family’s food as we could, using organic, sustainable, cruelty-free farming practices. We started with a large vegetable garden, and then added 12 laying hens. As we learned from mistakes and successes, we grew our laying flock to 80 hens, and gave growing meat chickens a try. We experiment with different vegetables every year and start the vast majority of our own vegetable plants from carefully sourced seed. We also added a heritage breed of turkeys to our farm this year: Midget White Turkeys, that we plan to breed this winter. Each of these additions has provided rich learning opportunities, and most have resulted in delicious, high quality, real food.

Colockum Hillside Farm’s main purpose is to support the health and wellness of our own family. But as the farm grows and thrives, we are able to offer the same thoughtfully produced food that we grow for ourselves to our local friends and neighbors. We are excited to watch our customer list grow and to receive positive feedback from customers who value what we do. We love growing healthy and whole food for our family, friends, and neighbors.